Our latest production, coming this July to Wales, London and Latvia!

Science In The Sky was developed in collaboration with climate change scientists to explore how we, as individuals, can relate to the enormity of the challenge that climate change presents.

Read below for our description, and if you would like to book tickets please click on the venue of choice to go to the relevant website.  

Vanessa-flyer-mailchimp crop title

Vanessa-flyer-mailchimp-reverse Elsie and Yuki

mail chimp bottom and back

Vanessa-flyer-mailchimp (1) willow

Vanessa-flyer-mailchimp (1) omnibus

Vanessa-flyer-mailchimp (1) Cesis

Vanessa-flyer-mailchimp 12+

Vanessa-flyer-mailchimp (1) willow globe logoVanessa-flyer-mailchimp (1) omnibus logo

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