Science In The Sky

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Scientist Dr Elsie has gone AWOL. For twenty years her urgent discoveries about the changing of the planet climate have been ignored. Not any more. A chance encounter with a hot-air balloon enthusiast sees her sailing high into the sky to make a protest… but she doesn’t have a plan.
 Yuki waits in the refuge centre of Fukishima. Scared, homeless and irradiated: no one sees her, no one hears her. Until one day on the horizon she spies a beautiful, red… balloon.
Science In the Sky is a journey across the planet we call home. From two bird’s eye perspectives- the scientist, and the child. Mythical meets factual as they try to make sense of the earth’s complexity and change the changes- before it is too late.
Developed with scientific advice from The Climate Change Consortium of Wales, This is a poetic, urgent and moving plea for our planet, and for the people on it.
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